The Ottoman Imagology website is dedicated specifically to Imagological Studies in the field of Ottoman and Turkish Studies.

Imagology is a relatively new interdisciplinary field that emerged in the 1950s within comparative literary studies and examines the formation, perception, and transformation over time of stereotypes, national identities, and intercultural dynamics across various artistic and literary forms. These complex cultural and historical phenomena, known as "ethnotypes", have a real impact on the world, influencing people's worldviews, and play an important role in the context of nationalistic prejudices and ethnocentrism, necessitating a careful critical analysis of them.

Our objective is to advance imagological research in Ottoman and Turkish Studies by conducting and promoting scholarly investigations, while also accumulating valuable information to facilitate the study of Ottoman imagery and representations. We believe that the most promising research of this kind can be done at the intersection of Imagology, Ottoman Traveling Literature, and Digital Humanities.

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